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Wish There Were More Than 5 Stars

This man is the best and most thorough lawyer I have ever met. Completely selfless and extremely thoughtful in the way he interacts and makes your case feel prioritized over others although I bet his workload is huge. Again, this man saved my life and I’m beyond grateful. Can’t recommend him enough. — Lance.

Someone You Can Count On

During a very difficult time in life he was attentive, supportive and went above and beyond to help. I would recommend Koblin family law for everyone who is not in need of a family law advocate. — Evan.

Excellent Lawyer

Kennedy helped me with my legal issue and was just amazing throughout the whole process. He was always available to explain everything to me and really put my mind at ease. I am not an easy person to work with and Kennedy really helped me calm down and guided me through my issue. I could not have obtained the result I did without Kennedy’s expert assistance. His command of the law is truly impressive. — Jeff.

Best Lawyer In The Bay Area

Kennedy is one of the finest family law attorney’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have had the privilege of working with Kennedy during a very challenging time in my life. He explained the complexity of the law in a manner I could understand. He also advocated diligently on my behalf with an excellent court presence. The judges would often agree with Kennedy and take his side on crucial issues.

Kennedy also helped me relax as much as possible. The emotional cost in such cases is extremely high. Kennedy would help manage this and understood the struggle I faced. He acted with great professionalism and with compassion to help me work through the case. Without his strong counsel, I would never have succeeded. I am forever in his debt. — Robert

A Great Lawyer

I happened to meet Mr. Koblin yesterday to discuss my intention to have him as my attorney in my family law matter. Prior to the meeting I had a discussion on the phone with his staff attorney and I was very pleased with the way the attorney on the phone gathered details and got up to speed with suggestions, and I was told Mr. Koblin would be filled in the next morning before I met him.

The meeting between me and Mr. Koblin was very productive. He was absolutely patient in hearing me, even though many times I noticed I myself was cutting him off or trying to say things immediately that came to my mind; he was very calm, attentive and poised. Mr. Koblin was very knowledgeable on the subject of family law; he had ideas and suggestion that were practical and he offered the best help for me to understand what I am dealing with.

I have not met an attorney like Mr. Koblin, at least not easily. Mr. Koblin noted that my case is complex and already it is a year old, and looking at that he felt I may be good in some other hands which he referred me to successfully. Mr. Koblin did not think twice that he would lose business because he understood my pain of changing attorneys due to the complex nature of my case. Nor does it mean Mr. Koblin could not have been handled this case; I am very sure in his abilities, and requested that if things didn’t work out with other attorney that he is referring please consider. He was positive in his approach. My Koblin and his staff guided me very well and I will be forever indebted to him for his service in my case. — Dheeraj H.

Thanks So Much

Kennedy Koblin is an excellent attorney, and I am very thankful that I found him when I needed a family law attorney to help with my custody and child support cases. He balances blunt honesty with compassion in a way that I thoroughly appreciate. When I have been scared and stressed out, Kennedy has been there to explain anything and everything, to listen and offer advice. What I appreciate most is that he has been willing to spend hours talking me through difficult moments, often, including telling me things I didn’t necessarily want to hear but definitely needed to at the time. This has been scary for me at times but so helpful! Kennedy has always explained my options in a realistic context.

My case has been complicated and a lot of work. I am so glad to have Kennedy on my side! He is knowledgeable about all aspects of family law, including domestic violence, and has helped me through a very painful, upsetting time. He has fought for me and for my son to get the best possible outcome, and continues to fight for us still. His presence in court is commanding and professional yet relaxed; not an easy demeanor to achieve, but it seems natural to him, and he is obviously well-respected. He always quickly returns emails and phone calls, even later into the evening when something is urgent. AND, he does all this, and still maintains a sense of humor. Seriously, people. He is a gem, and I recommend him to anyone.

Kennedy, thank you for all you do. Your patience and kindness are without equal. I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon you online, and I sing your praises to all I meet. I have been on Yelp for years but have never felt strongly enough about anything out there to actually write a review. You are the best and I want everyone to know it! — Sara G.

Wrapping Up Loose Ends

Kennedy did an amazing job on my husband’s case. The litigation with his ex-wife had been going on for over four years and we had been through a handful of attorneys and a few dozen hearings. Kennedy was able to resolve the case quickly and had no interest in dragging it out as other lawyers in the past had done. We were finally able to start our lives together with money left over and without the burden of frequent court appearances. Kennedy truly cares about you and your case and works diligently to achieve your desired outcome. He is very honest about what results are likely and possible; you will never be surprised or disappointed. His declarations are brilliant and by far the best I’ve ever read. He is extremely intelligent and kind. I would never recommend anyone else. — Karen O.