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Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets?

Wealthy couples may encounter problems when one or both parties fail to disclose their entire financial status to each other. California law dictates an equal division of marital assets between divorcing couples. If your spouse has hidden assets from you, you will not get your fair share and may end up struggling while he or she prospers after your divorce.

The lawyers of The Koblin Family Law Center have worked with many people whose spouses hid assets before and during their divorces. We work with forensic accountants, when necessary, to track these assets down and expose your spouse’s illegal behavior. We know how stressful divorce can be, emotionally and financially. We are aggressive in protecting your interests and ensuring you have what you need from your marital property division to maintain your current standard of living as you move on with your life.

Common Places To Hide Assets

Because many couples never discuss their finances, it may be all too easy for one person to hide substantial amounts of money in various places, including:

  • Within his or her business
  • Investments his or her spouse may not know about
  • Retirement accounts in his or her name only
  • Offshore bank accounts
  • Cash and property never revealed to his or her spouse

Even if your spouse owned these assets prior to the marriage, any increase in their value is automatically considered marital property and you are entitled to a share of that money.

Our attorneys will investigate your spouse’s finances, and work diligently to uncover secret accounts and property of value you may never have known about. Violations of disclosure laws can cause a lot of trouble during your divorce. We look out for your bottom line while we reveal your spouse’s secret stashes that you have a right to benefit from.

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