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Guiding You Through An Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse can sort out the terms of your divorce for yourselves, you can remove a lot of stress and anxiety from the process. But once everything is decided, it is still important to have an attorney handle the final details.

At The Koblin Family Law Center, our lawyers are happy to help you file the necessary paperwork to complete your uncontested divorce. If both of you know what you want, you can discuss it with us to make sure everything is in order and complies with the law. Mistakes do happen, even when divorce is uncontested. We will review your decisions and draft the necessary documents to submit to the court so you can close this chapter and move on with your life.

Helping You Make Your Divorce More Amicable

Sometimes, the hardest part of getting a divorce is deciding who gets what. This includes who gets custody of the children most of the time, how much time the noncustodial parent has with the kids, and how much is paid in child support, in addition to the division of your property and assets. If you and your spouse have settled all of this yourselves and your decisions are in accordance with California state law, our attorneys can deal with the rest of the process, including:

  • Drafting a proposal for review by you and your spouse
  • Drafting a final settlement agreement
  • Preparing and filing a divorce judgment with the courts

Legally, we can represent only one of you for family law proceedings. We always recommend that your spouse retain a lawyer to review the documentation prior to filing. If your spouse does not respond to your proposal or to the finalized arrangements, we can take the default so your divorce can be processed.

We recommend that you and your spouse settle as much as you can between the two of you to save time, money and frustration. We can help you work through any sticking points and ensure your interests are represented and your goals are met with the final agreement.

Divorce Does Not Have To Be Complicated

While divorce does not need to be contentious, it is still important to work with an attorney to best represent your interests. Oftentimes, people may assume dissolving a marriage is something they can do on their own. Unfortunately, DIY divorces can lead to serious mistakes. Working with an experienced attorney can help prevent that from happening.

Let Us Help Guide You Through The Process

We can help you complete the divorce process. Please contact our office in Pleasanton, California, at 925-298-2961 to speak with one of our attorneys about how to file your uncontested divorce. You can also use our online contact form to send us an email.