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Navigating The Unique Challenges Of Later-Life Divorce

Sudden life changes of any kind can feel overwhelming, particularly in the second half of life. Divorce is one of these significant changes. Both financial and personal issues tend to be quite different in “gray divorce” compared to divorce for young couples.

While it is less likely to negatively impact children or cause custody issues if a couple divorces after the age of 50, an altered marital situation poses financial questions that must be carefully answered.

How will you divide your assets? Will you have enough income to retire on? Will health concerns play a role in alimony payments? Let The Koblin Family Law Center help you answer these questions and many others. From our Pleasanton office, we serve California couples of all ages. We can provide the tools you need to move forward with confidence.

Whether You’re Ending A 50-Year Marriage Or A Two-Year One, We Can Help

The number of seniors seeking divorce in later years has nearly doubled over the past few decades. Perhaps you and your spouse waited until the children were grown before deciding that you can’t live together amicably anymore. Or, perhaps you are ending your second, third or fourth marriage.

Whatever the situation, attorney Kennedy Koblin can help you work through the legal process, and effectively address your unique concerns. Financial planning for a post-divorce life is complex, requires due diligence and is probably the most important aspect of coping with your new reality. Let him provide the guidance you require.

Take Your New Life In Your Hands

Don’t let legal problems derail your retirement options and negatively impact your later years. Contact The Koblin Family Law Center in Pleasanton, California, for a consultation with a lawyer today. Call 925-298-2961 or email our office.