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Custody of the children can be the most contentious issue in any divorce. Each of you has parental rights, regardless of who ends up being the custodial parent. You need to make sure your parental rights are respected by your co-parent after your divorce or if you are an unmarried parent seeking time with your child.

At The Koblin Family Law Center, we know you love your children and want to continue to have a strong relationship with them. Our lawyers will help you establish and encourage that relationship by drawing up a parenting plan that accommodates you, your spouse or co-parent, and your children. We have helped many parents resolve child custody and visitation issues through negotiation and, when necessary, through litigation.

Establishing Parenting Time

According to California law, each parent has rights regarding his or her children. As a noncustodial parent, those rights involve a specific amount of visitation, or parenting time, with your kids. The amount of time is usually arranged between you and your spouse or co-parent and will be determined by your children’s ages as well as everyone’s schedules.

Sometimes there can be interference from your ex-spouse or co-parent. He or she may not want you to see the kids and will start making up excuses as to why they are unavailable. This behavior can be detrimental to custodial rights as the family law courts prefer children are with the parent who will encourage a relationship with the noncustodial parent as opposed to obstructing it.

Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with custodial interference and parental alienation. We have had success with negotiation in these instances, which we prefer. However, if litigation or enforcement of court orders is necessary to ensure you get to see your children, we will pursue those options.

We also offer representation for modifications of court orders, either to change the parenting plan or so you can seek custody of your children.

Keep Your Strong Relationship With Your Children After Your Divorce

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