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Finding The Right Solution For Your Family

Divorce and other family law issues can be highly contentious or resolved relatively simply, depending on how you and your spouse or co-parent chooses to handle them. Work with an experienced lawyer to ensure you are treated fairly and you understand how your decisions will affect you, now and in the future.

At The Koblin Family Law Center in Pleasanton, our goal is to find the best solution to your legal problems. Whether you and your spouse are able to negotiate a fair settlement between you or your case needs to be taken before a judge, we have the experience and knowledge to protect your rights and your interests. We care about you and want to help you move forward.

“Kennedy is one of the finest family law attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area. Without his strong counsel, I would never have succeeded. I am forever in his debt.” — Robert

We Handle Everything From Parenting Plans To Restraining Orders

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Finding The Right Balance

Family law issues are challenging. Emotions will be stirred and past problems will be brought to light. Our job is to make this process as stress-free and simple as possible while ensuring you are treated fairly. We are supportive and compassionate about your situation because we know what you’re going through.

Our attorneys will always be honest with you about the law and how it will affect you. They will explain all of your options and their potential consequences so you can make the right decisions for yourself and your family.

We prefer to work with your spouse or co-parent and his or her lawyer to come to a reasonable settlement. If this is not possible, we have significant trial experience and knowledge of California law, which we will use to argue your case before a judge.

Lean On Us During This Difficult Time

Please contact our office in Pleasanton at 925-298-2961 to speak with one of our attorneys about your family law issue. We are here to support you.