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Why You Need A Paternity Test

The state of California uses paternity to establish parental rights and responsibilities for unmarried fathers. To have the right to see your child or to get child support from your child’s father, you must file a paternity suit. To ensure you are successful, you need the help of an experienced attorney.

At The Koblin Family Law Center, we understand the complications of paternity issues and can help you resolve them. We have the knowledge and experience to draft and file the paperwork with the courts to establish paternity on behalf of mothers and fathers. If you have an unwarranted paternity suit filed against you, we can help you defend against it. We also offer representation for child support and visitation.

Unmarried Fathers

If your child is born outside of marriage, there is no presumption of paternity. Instead, you and the mother of your child must agree to establish paternity when you sign a voluntary declaration of paternity or you must file a paternity or parentage case to get a court order establishing you as the legal father. From there, you can pursue parenting time with your child, for whom you will become financially responsible.

Unmarried Mothers

Unless paternity was established voluntarily, you must get a court order establishing paternity to be eligible to receive child support from your child’s father. This usually involves a paternity test. Once this is done, the father is considered legally responsible for his child and will need to support him or her financially.

Men Faced With Paternity Suits

If you have received notice you must undergo a paternity test to establish whether you are the father of a child born outside of marriage, you must respond. The DNA test is very simple and involves a swab taken from the inside of your cheek. The paternity test confirms whether you are the father.

Our lawyers will help you either establish or deny paternity, depending on your situation. We understand what children can mean to their parents and want your child to have that lifelong bond with both of his or her parents.

Give Your Child The Benefits Of A Relationship With Both Parents

Your child deserves the support and love of both of you. Please contact our office in Pleasanton at 925-298-2961 or through email to speak with one of our attorneys about your paternity issue.