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Beware The Dangers Of Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Divorce in the state of California can be complex and confusing. If you are considering filing for divorce without an attorney, you can run into a number of pitfalls that will add stress, expense and time to the process. Avoid these dangers by letting a skilled lawyer at The Koblin Family Law Center guide you through the process.

Here are a few reasons to avoid do-it-yourself divorces:

Doing It Alone Adds Additional Stress To An Already Stressful Situation

The divorce process is inherently stressful. You and your ex-spouse face the emotional challenge of ending a significant relationship. You may find that it is difficult dividing property, belongings and finances. There may be also custody issues with children to consider.

If you do not hire a lawyer, it will only add to the stress. You will have to make a wide array of life-changing decisions on your own, without professional insight as to the potential legal ramifications. Instead, get an advocate and legal counselor on your side who can lift some of the burden from your shoulders.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce Makes You Vulnerable To Costly Mistakes

A lawyer can help you plan for the future when it comes to dividing complex assets or significant debts. Dividing retirement accounts, real estate, pensions and other assets also come with important tax considerations.

Keep in mind that not all assets are created equal, and many people have a tendency to look at short-term gain without evaluating the long-term impact on their financial situations. Without the advice of an attorney, you can make potentially ruinous mistakes.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce Is Time-Consuming

Each county has its own set of filing requirements for divorce. Figuring out what your specific courthouse wants can be time-consuming. Also, you should be aware that you can’t rely on help from the county clerk. County clerks are not permitted to give legal advice. Choose a local lawyer who is familiar with the particular procedures and laws that may affect your case.

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