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High-Asset Divorce: When Much Is At Stake

Comprehensive Counsel For Complex Divorces

While divorce is always challenging on a personal and emotional level, the legal decisions you make should be grounded in reasonable, skillful legal representation. At The Koblin Family Law Center in Pleasanton, our high-asset divorce attorneys help clients see beyond the issues of today and plan for their future.

We are well-equipped to handle divorces that involve complex or highly valued assets. Kennedy Koblin’s MBA degree and experience with patent litigation is an added bonus for clients with professional practices or small business concerns.

“His declarations are brilliant and by far the best I’ve ever read. He is extremely intelligent and kind. I would never recommend anyone else.” — Karen O.

Our California firm handles a wide range of complex asset divorce issues, including:

Divorce Representation For Business Owners And Others With Complex Assets

You may have made financial planning decisions prior to or during your marriage in hopes of accumulating more wealth as a family. Once you are divorced, you need to consider how that debt, income and associated liabilities will be divided.

This is especially true for people whose professions involve business ownership, lucrative retirement planning or an elevated standard of living you and your spouse aim to uphold after your divorce is final.

At The Koblin Family Law Center, we have an acute understanding of these issues and how to reconcile each party’s claim to marital assets with your desire to put this behind you. Let us provide the sophisticated representation you require for success.

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