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When Life Changes, You Have Options

The agreements made as you go through a divorce reflect a particular point in your life. What happens as the years pass and your life continues to change?

You may get a new job, have a sudden increase or decrease in income, remarry or have more children. All of these things can influence your support payments, child custody or property allocation after your divorce is final.

At The Koblin Family Law Center, our experienced Pleasanton post-divorce modification attorneys can help you make the necessary changes to your divorce agreements so you can effectively care for your family.

Our firm is prepared to represent you through changes such as:

Additionally, if your life events force you to relocate, whether that is within California or elsewhere, we can examine the changes necessary to your original divorce order.

Pleasanton Attorney For Modification Of Child Custody

Two of the most important aspects of a divorce are child custody and visitation. Your family should be able to retain close personal ties with any children involved in a divorce, but that can often be challenging as the years pass.

You or someone in your family is likely to relocate at some point. This can dramatically change the amount of time one or both parents get to spend with their child. Furthermore, if you or your spouse chooses to move without properly notifying the other party or obtaining the legal right to relocate, you or your spouse may end up in violation of a court order.

To best protect yourself and your family, you need to modify your divorce agreements. Our firm can help you make appropriate changes that address your new child custody and parenting-time needs, visitation, child support and any other issues that may be influenced by this move (i.e., modification of alimony).

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