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Contested Divorce Attorney Pleasanton

Divorce is never easy, even in the best of circumstances. When you and your spouse cannot agree on some issues or do not agree on anything at all, you need an experienced lawyer to stand up for you during a contested divorce.

Do not allow your spouse to force you into an unfair divorce judgment in Pleasanton. Instead, let the attorneys of The Koblin Family Law Center protect your interests in court. We have the experience and knowledge to argue the facts of your case before a judge and will fight to see your goals are reached in the final outcome. Regardless of anything your spouse might say, you have the same rights and protections under the law. We will ensure your rights are respected and you receive a fair resolution to your case.

What Happens If My Spouse And I Cannot Agree?

Each of you must disclose all of your financial and personal information, so attorneys on both sides can review and assess your respective situations. Once we have received that information, we will conduct a full discovery of your case and look for any potential places a settlement can be reached.

If you are still at odds with your spouse over certain issues or over the entire divorce, we will prepare motions for court and proceed with divorce litigation. Once a family law judge has heard each side and reviewed all of the documentation, he or she will make the final decisions regarding your divorce.

We have extensive experience arguing the facts of your case, and will apply the law in a manner most beneficial to you and your desired outcome. Our lawyers collaborate on your case, each bringing his or her individual strengths to your aid. Your goals are our primary concern and we will ensure you are treated fairly in the outcome of your case.

We Will Fight To Bring Your Case To A Successful Resolution

Everything we do is geared toward meeting your goals for your divorce. Please contact our office in Pleasanton, California, at 925-298-2961 to speak with one of our attorneys about your contested divorce. You can also reach us via email.