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Child Custody Guidance From A Skilled Attorney

Child custody is a challenging issue for divorcing and never-married parents, as well as their children. No matter what the circumstances, parents are struggling to find an agreement that helps them most effectively raise their kids.

It can be difficult to see beyond the emotional and personal nature of these issues as each party works to achieve a favorable outcome in custody and visitation. Getting experienced and knowledgeable guidance from a Pleasanton child custody lawyer at The Koblin Family Law Center – someone who can remain focused on effectiveness in the legal realm – can make a difference for your loved ones.

At our firm, attorney Kennedy Koblin brings a fresh perspective to these issues in both settlements and litigation, always tailoring representation to each family’s unique needs.

What Happens When A Motion Is Filed For Child Custody?

In California, when a motion is filed for child custody, Family Court Services’ child custody and visitation counseling is automatically triggered. This counseling session is similar to, but distinctly different from, mediation. It involves interaction with Family Court Services’ counselors, who aim to negotiate an agreement that works for the entire family.

As a law firm, we handle cases of custody and visitation litigation as well as preparation for these counseling sessions. You may or may not end up working with a recommending counselor, depending upon what county in which you are filing your divorce.

No matter what course of action you take in dealing with child custody matters, we are here to help guide you through so you and your family can achieve the results you need.

Who Gets The Kids Under California Child Custody Law?

California law does not prioritize one parent over the other. The court’s goal for every child custody case is to craft a workable, fair joint custody agreement. However, there are situations where one parent can pursue sole custody, but those are rare. You would have to prove that the other parent is unsafe. That is difficult to do, but you can pursue a child custody order if necessary.

How Do I Get A Child Custody Order In California?

Generally, the court will only step in to issue a custody order if there is no movement on a custody agreement between the two parents. Even then, the judge will order mediation first, where a mediator will explore the legal custody and physical custody options. If mediation fails, then there will a court date, and the judge may order an investigation. The judge may take the step of appointing attorneys for the children involved.

At any point in child custody, the parents can get an order if they come to the judge with an agreement. Coming to an agreement on a parenting plan is often the simplest, fastest and least expensive way to get your child custody order.

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