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Dividing Executive Benefits In A Divorce

Throughout the course of your marriage, you have likely gained wealth that is complex to manage. In some cases, the benefits you or your spouse earned through a workplace can be issues of contention when attempting to proceed with asset division in divorce.

The division of executive benefits can have far-reaching implications related to taxation and long-term spousal support payments, so it is crucial you work with a Pleasanton attorney for division of executive benefits and pay who understands how to value these assets appropriately. We, at The Koblin Family Law Center, can help.

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Business executives and owners typically have employment benefits that go beyond the standard health care and savings plans. They may have a portion of ownership in the firm or its subsidiaries, have deferred compensation plans, or pension funds geared toward creating wealth for many years.

These benefits and elevated levels of pay are given special consideration when getting divorced, as the executive’s former spouse may be entitled to a significant portion of those assets now and in the future.

Our lawyers are well-equipped to deal with issues of valuing a business, alternative investments, trusts and property that are distinctly different from the primary family home. We help our clients consider what is fair and reasonable in these cases, as well as the California and federal tax issues many people tend to overlook.

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Our acute understanding of this area of law as well as the experience we can draw on from other key advisers (i.e., valuation experts, accountants and financial planners) can help you get the most accurate and reliable advice for your divorce.

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