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When Investments Are At Stake

Any investments you made prior to or during your marriage are likely considered marital property. Determining how to divide such assets and the associated debts is one of the more complicated areas of divorce proceedings.

If you are dealing with complex assets in your divorce, you need to work with an experienced Pleasanton attorney who can bring clarity to your case and provide you with options that address your specific investments. We, at The Koblin Family Law Center, can help you understand how to value your investments and assess the advantages and disadvantages of different legal strategies.

Protecting Assets In Divorce Matters

Many Californians face barriers to dividing property when they disagree on the value of those assets. You should remain focused on what is an accurate representation of the value of your investments and then move onto finding ways to divide them according to each party’s individual priorities.

For example, one party may want to keep the investment alive, whereas the other may want to liquidate and split the value. It is also crucial to account for any burdens that keeping the investment would place on your shoulders after the divorce. You may not be able to afford taxes, debt payments or property maintenance costs on your own.

We can advise you on the implications of a wide range of division of investments in your divorce, including:

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Trusts accounts
  • Domestic and overseas investments
  • Real property investments (aside from the family home)
  • Retirement accounts and pension plans
  • Closely owned businesses

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