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Determining What Is Fair For You And Your Children

Child support can be a hotly contested issue between divorcing spouses or between co-parents. Each parent is required to support his or her children, but one or both parties may feel they are being treated unfairly. Whether you are making or receiving this payment, you need to talk to an attorney about what is reasonable and in the best interests of your children.

At The Koblin Family Law Center, we understand how frustrating this particular issue can be. Financial issues tend to be contentious during divorce, especially issues that are ongoing after the marriage ends. Our lawyers will help you determine what is fair to you and to your children while ensuring your spouse or co-parent does not take advantage of you.

Understanding California’s Child Support Formula

The state provides a worksheet on which parents can enter their gross income and calculate the base child support payment. The payment amount is based on each parent’s net disposable monthly income. Factors include:

  • Each parent’s gross income
  • Health care costs
  • Child care costs
  • Taxes
  • Mandatory retirement contributions
  • Children from other relationships being raised by each parent

The family law courts do not like to deviate from the guidelines, but our skilled attorneys will advocate for your goal if it differs from the calculated amount. If you are dealing with what you would consider to be a “lazy parent” who is deliberately unemployed or underemployed to avoid paying child support or to receive more, we will press for an inferred amount of income to be used for child support calculations.

We put your interests first. While we will always be honest about how the law applies to your situation and what the likely outcome may be, we will fight to achieve your goals. We recommend negotiation over litigation whenever possible. If you and your spouse or co-parent cannot come to a reasonable agreement, we are experienced trial lawyers and will argue your case in front of a judge.

We also help with child support payment enforcement, as well as modifications of child support orders if there is a substantial change of circumstances for you or your co-parent.

We Want You To Get A Fair Child Support Arrangement

Please contact our office in Pleasanton at 925-298-2961 or via email to speak with one of our attorneys about how to make sure child support payments fit your needs.