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Divorce For Business Owners

Business owners and their spouses may share ownership or investments in business interests. When a couple with such assets goes through a divorce, retaining the value of the business’s income and property is sometimes an issue of contention.

At The Koblin Family Law Center, we understand the complexity of divorce, particularly when business ownership is involved. Our clients come to us for guidance in working through issues of complex asset division so that a favorable outcome can be achieved efficiently and cost-effectively.

We work closely with our clients at all times while handling divorce for business owners in Pleasanton, California, and surrounding areas. We help them remain focused on legal solutions rather than the emotional and personal aspects that a divorce is bound to involve. When you work with our office, you will have more than an attorney on your side. You will have an adviser who is committed to your success.

The Attorneys You Need For Asset Division

Business assets, especially those of today’s economic climate, often go beyond just brick and mortar assets. Divorcing couples who must divide up business interests need to consider the value of things like intellectual property (i.e., copyrights, trademarks and patents), client base and market recognition.

Our firm is able to draw on acute knowledge of business valuation, real property investments, tax considerations and other key issues that could influence how you choose to divide your business interests.

We can also bring to light strategies that can save you money or more effectively reach your personal goals. For example, when an individual receives support income from a former spouse or takes on property or business ownership, he or she may then be held responsible for a heavy tax burden. Similarly, some executives may use this to their advantage in ridding themselves of taxes they will no longer be able to pay after a divorce.

By dividing assets strategically, you may be able to come to a more favorable agreement than if assets were simply liquidated and split down the middle.

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We encourage you to speak with a skillful lawyer at our office to discuss your case, and how to protect your best interests through divorce litigation and settlements. The Koblin Family Law Center can be reached online or by telephone at 925-298-2961.