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How Does Social Media Affect Divorce?

Social media is the invention of the century, with people spending countless hours posting, sharing and browsing on sites like Facebook and Twitter. For many, social media sites are places to unwind and truly be oneself. As such, however, many fail to realize the possibility that what they say and do online could be used against them in the courtroom.

At The Koblin Family Law Center, we are well-aware that social media content is regularly used in divorce cases as evidence. Let our Pleasanton team help you protect your interests. We encourage you to set up a consultation with attorney Kennedy Koblin by calling us at 925-298-2961.

Social Media Can Become Critical Evidence In California

In general, lawyers typically advise their clients not to post anything on social media websites that may relate to or affect their cases. Without an attorney in the picture, however, individuals involved in legal disputes often fail to consider their digital lives. Because there is such a wealth of self-provided information on social media accounts, divorce courts in particular may use this information as evidence to establish things like the following:

  • Financial habits
  • Questionable or irresponsible behavior
  • Failure by a parent to initiate an employment search
  • Hidden assets
  • Disloyalty (which may play a role in settlements in some states)
  • Intent to avoid paying spousal or child support

Depending on the information available and the strength of the evidence provided, a family court may make life-changing decisions. If a parent’s public tweets suggest that he or she is taking expensive trips and making large purchases while failing to provide for his or her children, this could drastically sway a child custody case in the other parent’s favor. Likewise, if evidence from Facebook posts outlines a history of infidelity, this may be key evidence in proving adultery for a fault-based settlement in some states.

Let Our Lawyers Provide The Personalized Counsel You Require

Whether you believe that your spouse has been posting evidence of irresponsible behavior or you are concerned about how your social media profiles may be used against you during divorce proceedings, let Mr. Koblin help you find peace of mind. He can advise you on how social media may play a role in your case and what you need to do to safeguard yourself.

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