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When Circumstances Change, So Can Child Support Orders

Child support payments are initially calculated based on your income and child care needs at the time of your divorce, but what happens when these circumstances change?

Years after your divorce is final, you may need to modify your initial child support agreement. This can be particularly challenging, as either party may not want to make such a change. It is important to work with an experienced Pleasanton child support modification attorney who can help you achieve financial stability while meeting the demands of supporting a child. The Koblin Family Law Center can help.

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In California, either party in a divorce can petition the court to modify support, but for one to be made there must be a clearly demonstrated substantial change in circumstance. This substantial change could result in:

  • An upward modification in child support: An increase in child support payments may be justified if the noncustodial (paying) parent recently has experienced a jump in income (i.e., because of a new job or promotion). There may also be a case for an increase if the child’s needs have changed, as in cases of increased medical care or special needs considerations.
  • A downward modification in child support: If a noncustodial parent who pays child support experiences an involuntary job or income loss, there may be cause to reduce the amount of child support payments made. This may also be warranted if custody arrangements have changed — for example, if the child spends more time with the noncustodial parent than before.

If you are making a motion for a child support modification, you will likely receive some pushback from the other party in your divorce. Make sure to get the information you need to properly care for your child.

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