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Moving forward with a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Child Custody

It is very common for California couples who are thinking about getting a divorce to take a long time to think through all of the potential pros and cons of doing so. This long decision-making process is good because people are sometimes able to work things out and to reconcile before the ultimate decision is made.

On the other hand, prolonging a divorce can actually be harmful when there are children involved. In some cases, a parent may finally to move out. If the couple simply remains separated for a substantial period of time without taking the final step, the children may be confused, thinking that their parents might get back together and wondering what will happen to them.

Sometimes, people won’t divorce because of their religious beliefs. While that is fine, other people who are not held back by their belief systems may want to go ahead and file their petition instead of leaving their family in limbo. This can help everyone to move forward, including the children.

One way of easing the transition is to develop a parenting plan that covers legal and physical custody as well as visitation rights and which is designed to be in the best interests of the child who is involved. Having such a plan and then explaining what it entails to their children will show the children that they will always be a part of their children’s lives. This may help children to be better adjusted and happier so that they can return their attention to the types of activities they should be able to enjoy rather than being consumed with worry over a turbulent family situation.