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Determining to work together as co-parents

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2016 | Divorce

California parents who are divorcing will have more to worry about than just separating property. Long after their marriages have ended, they will have to deal with one another. It is up to them to decide the type of parenting relationship they will have with one another going forward.

Divorced parents will normally have to work with each other in order to make decisions about the important issues affecting their children, such as education and health care. They may have to see each other even after their children have grown at a variety of different social events, milestones and family gatherings.

In addition to making a divorce smoother, trying to act amicably can help both parties to move forward with their lives while also better serving their child’s interests. People who want to have a friendly co-parenting relationship may want to reflect about how often they will need to communicate with each other, the number of times both will need to attend the same events and whether it is likely the hostilities can be set aside.

Parents will continue to deal with each other long after they have received their divorce decrees. When they can do so without constantly fighting, they may make their own lives much easier while also raising children who are better adjusted. People may want to talk to family law attorneys for advice about how they might go about negotiating agreements with their estranged spouses. Often, people end up being happier with the agreements they are able to work out between themselves than when they instead take the matter to court and having the judge make the decision.