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Beware of social media during divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2016 | Divorce

California couples who are ending their marriages may want to beware of social media, text messages and other online activities that can potentially make their cases much harder. While it is almost impossible for people to shut down their Internet communication completely while they are going through a divorce, they should at least watch the types of posts and messages they send.

Social media, emails and text messages can provide fertile ground to divorce attorneys during the middle of their clients’ cases. Some posts may lead to questions about a person’s parenting skills, such as photographs of attendance at wild parties. When people send messages or post on Facebook or Instagram, they are creating written documentation that could be used against them.

Another thing people should consider is the potential harm their posts or messages could cause to their children and their estranged spouses. People are not able to take back the things they say online. If people instead decide that they will refrain from venting online and choose to act with integrity while on the Internet, they may be better able to move on with their lives and have healthier relationships with their exes and their children.

The divorce process is often marked by emotional conflict. By refusing to lose themselves in the negative emotions of the situation, people may be able to get through their divorces more smoothly. Reaching an agreement to make the process end more quickly is often a primary goal of most people who are divorcing. By treating each other with as much respect as possible, it is likelier that can happen. This can often be facilitated by each party’s respective family law attorney handling settlement negotiations.