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How gender roles impact marriage in California

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2016 | Divorce

On average, women do about 70 percent of the household chores. However, research indicates that women who decide to dedicate more time to their careers are no more likely than other women to get a divorce. However, research shows that if a man does not work outside the house, it may put more strain on a marriage. It is believed that this may be because men are generally not unemployed by choice.

Furthermore, it is acknowledged that research should be done into households where a couple decided the woman would be the breadwinner. In addition to retaining their traditional role as the main money maker of the household, men are also expected to do more around the house than they were in previous decades.

One key finding from the study that looked at 6,300 heterosexual marriages was that increased independence for women did not seem to play a role in rising divorce rates. Also, many work-life policies generally only looked at how to help women. However, it may be a good idea for employers to look at how they may impact men as well.

An individual who wishes to get a divorce may want to consult with an attorney first. Doing so may make it easier to obtain maximum marital property as laid out by state law. Legal counsel may be able to review a case to inventory all marital property and establish why his or her client should get a favorable property division settlement. A lawyer may also be able to help an individual get spousal or child support payments from a former spouse.