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Helping children through a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Divorce

When parents end their marriage, many changes are ahead for their kids whether the process is contentious or not. Children often feel insecure and afraid during a divorce, but it is possible for estranged California couples to make dissolving a marriage easier on their offspring.

Divorce brings change but does not have to be traumatic when communicating and focusing on a child’s needs. Parents should start planning for how to talk to their kids before the divorce process begins so that they have time to prepare them for future events. One of the biggest fears children face is not having both their parents around, which means that parents should attempt to make getting along a priority. This involves interacting with each other in front of the kids without arguing or creating a tense environment.

One parent might initially want full custody, but it is typically better for a child to see both parents frequently. This means shared custody might be the best option. However, one parent may initially retain physical custody if it is easier on the children. This might happen if one parent stays in the same home with children because this limits the amount of new situations that children must adjust to. Limiting unnecessary transitions at this time like switching schools could be helpful.

When possible, parents should try to avoid a custody battle. A couple might wish to have their respective attorneys negotiate an agreement in order to resolve the issue. If the matter goes to court, most judges prefer joint custody if both parents are fit so that each person can maintain relationships with the children. This means that there might be little point in seeking sole custody unless a child would be unsafe with the other parent.