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Preparing for summer activities in light of a parenting plan

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Child Custody

California residents have lots of opportunities to enjoy both long and short vacations in their home state, and many destinations offer great fun for families. However, a parent wanting to travel with their children after a divorce may need to start planning several months in advance to ensure that the details are worked out with the other parent. It is advisable to communicate about such plans ahead of the intended travel time to ensure that the other parent can make appropriate accommodations.

A parenting plan may address matters such as vacation time, holidays, and other issues during which extra visitation time might be allotted to a non-custodial parent. The ability to cooperate in spite of past differences can be a huge benefit for the children, allowing them to develop healthy relationships with both parents in the absence of serious contentions over visitation activities and dates. Even if there are problems such as a failure to pay child support, it may be in the best interests of a child to handle these matters privately to avoid creating extra stress for the child.

A parent is not entitled to interfere with allotted parenting time because of unpaid child support. Similarly, a parent who owes support is not relieved of their responsibility to pay because of the other parent’s interference with visitation time. In serious situations involving a parent’s neglect of their court-ordered responsibilities, legal enforcement might be sought through the court system.

An individual might not think through issues such as summer vacation at the time of a divorce, and parenting plans generated by the courts could be rather general in their language. If more clarity is needed, it might be helpful to seek legal advice about creating or revising one.