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Considerations when deciding whether or not to divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2016 | Divorce

Couples in California who are experiencing marital difficulties may consider divorce at some point. While divorce is relatively commonplace, it also has major legal, personal and social ramifications. Just as people should not enter into marriage lightly, neither should people casually divorce. It is important for couples to thoroughly explore the source of their problems before heading to court.

Of course, there are several good reasons why some marriages should end. In cases of abuse, for example, divorce is often the proper option. If children are involved, it becomes even more important to protect them from emotionally or physically abusive behavior. In addition, there are situations in which the relationship between spouses deteriorates to the point that it becomes impossible to repair the rift between them.

On the flipside, there can be many reasons to remain in a marriage. These include financial considerations, particularly in a difficult economy. In some cases, the effort expended to seek counseling and repair a relationship proves to be a wise investment. When the marriage is saved, there is no need to split family finances and both adults can continue to support the household. In addition, there is some evidence that divorce can have a negative effect on children. When the family can stay together in a healthy way, the children may benefit.

Individuals who are considering divorce may benefit from speaking with a family law attorney. The lawyer might help his or her client explore their reasons for divorce and explain the process to them. When appropriate, the attorney could possibly assist in developing a healthy custody agreement as well as a fair and equitable financial settlement.