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Divorce official for Reba McEntire

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Divorce

California fans of singer Reba McEntire may have read on her Facebook page in December 2015 that her divorce from her manager, Narvel Blackstock, was finalized on Oct. 28. The two had announced their separation in August, but at that time, they did not say whether they would be moving forward with divorce. However, they had been separated for several months before making that announcement.

The couple have a son, and they were married for 26 years. According to a statement released at the time of their separation, they planned to continue working together as they had done for more than 30 years.

Blackstock manages the careers of several other singers besides McEntire including Kelly Clarkson. McEntire, who also had a career as an actress that included a hit TV sitcom, thanked her fans for their support.

Divorce can be complex when a couple is prominent and has a working relationship as in the case of Blackmore and McEntire, but it may be complex even without these factors present. Children, property division and other issues may all make the process of divorce a difficult one on top of the emotional toll that it can take. An attorney may be helpful in guiding clients toward sensible decisions during this tumult. For example, a client may want to argue over a piece of property that is not worth the time and expense, or a client may be too willing to give in on an issue that is actually important. Many attorneys will try to assist people in working with their spouse to come to an agreement without litigation, but if that is not possible, an attorney may also be of help in court.

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