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Obtaining legal advice for a divorce in California

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Divorce

When an individual decides to get a divorce, they are likely to want to speak with a lawyer. Before a lawyer officially begins to represent a person in a divorce, they normally go through an initial consultation. This allows the individual to explain their situation and allows the lawyer to come up with a plan of action.

During the initial consultation, the individual seeking a divorce will usually explain their circumstances. It is a good idea to come to these meetings prepared with relevant information such as a list of assets and debts and information about property brought into a marriage. Lawyers will also generally inquire about people’s personal situations, including the reason for a divorce, whether a couple had children and the ages of any children.

Once a lawyer has an understanding of someone’s circumstances, they will likely outline the options for negotiating issues related to a divorce. These include litigation, collaborative divorce, mediation and arbitration. The individual’s circumstances and ability to work with their spouse will often be major factors in which of these is the best choice, and a lawyer will explain the pros, cons and limitations of each of these options as they relate to a person’s situation.

When someone gets a divorce, their lives are likely to change dramatically. In addition to the end of a relationship, divorces also require couples to divide assets and debt and determine which individual will make choices related to raising children. A lawyer may be able to assist someone in seeking an equitable outcome and one that puts them in the best possible situation following the dissolution of their marriage.