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Domestic violence problem in California and beyond

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2014 | Domestic Violence

Statistics reveal that one out of every four American families is affected by domestic violence. California laws have been created to protect the freedom and safety of its citizens and when utilized, can help to end a dangerous situation. A person who is suffering from domestic violence may seek help in understanding their rights and pursuing an opportunity to leave their abusive situation.

Some professionals believe that domestic violence is commonly perceived as being something that only poverty-stricken Americans suffer. However, it can span across economic and demographic landscapes, being just as prevalent among the wealthy as the poor. Women, men and children can be victim to domestic violence and live in constant daily fear from their oppressors.

Making the decision to end the cycle of violence and safely exit an abusive situation can be stressful and difficult for many victims. It can be complex for a person to leave their abuser for a number of reasons; sometimes this includes the nature of the relationship, financial dependency or the presence of children. Security can often be the most important element for a person that desires to end an abusive relationship.

Some California victims may have concerns about pressing charges against an abuser for fear of their children or facing retaliation. However, living with daily abuse can negatively affect all who are involved, including the children. By seeking help and legally claiming abuse or threatening behavior, a person may be able to take the first steps toward ending this devastating problem. Some may choose to file a suit or seek a restraining order against their perpetrator to help fight against the domestic violence they have suffered.

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