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Department of Child Support Services Role and Family Law

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Firm News

Department of Child Support Services’ Role and Family Law The Department of Child Support Services can be a great asset in any case in which one parent or another is seeking child support. In fact, DCSS is a governmental agency whose role is to calculate, request, and enforce the payment of child support. Why? Because the State has an interest in ensuring that every child is taken care of financially and moreover, that each parent is working hard to contribute to the monetary needs of his or her child.

There are several ways that DCSS can become involved in a case. For example, if one parent seeks public assistance , DCSS will automatically open a file. DCSS represents the State and may even seek reimbursement for public assistance. DCSS will also make sure that in situations where just one parent is financially able, that parent will have to pay for the expense of caring for the child. One parent can even choose to open up a DCSS case on his own. DCSS will prepare some initial paperwork which can save the parent money in attorney’s fees. After DCSS files a “motion” there will ordinarily be a court hearing. If there is a child support order after the DCSS hearing, DCSS will then enforce the support order as well!

Enforcement by DCSS is valuable because it also saves clients money in attorney fees. The Department of Child Support Services plays many roles and may either help protect or even hurt your interests in a family law matter.

For this reason, it is vital to speak to a family law attorney in Oakdale, CA or Pleasanton, CA to make sure you get the best result for yourself and for your children.