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Do You Need A Prenuptial Agreement?

If you are in love and preparing to marry, the last thing on your mind may be divorce. However, 40 to 50 percent of all marriages do end up being dissolved. A premarital agreement can help protect your financial interests and your future, should the worst happen.

If you are already planning on a premarital agreement, you may be thinking about printing out an online form and doing it yourself. However, here are a few reasons to have a lawyer at The Koblin Family Law Center in Pleasanton draft it for you instead.

An Attorney Can Ensure The Agreement Was Properly Executed

If a prenup was not properly executed, it may be invalid. Both parties must have time to read over the agreement and sign it before the wedding. An attorney will be able to ensure this happens and document when both parties were given the agreement, how much time they had to review it and that the signatures are valid.

A Lawyer Can Testify No One Was Pressured

Another reason a prenuptial agreement may be invalid is when one party feels pressured into signing it. If you try to make your own agreement and have your soon-to-be spouse sign it behind closed doors, he or she may later claim coercion.

When an attorney draws up the papers and has both parties sign it in the office, there are plenty of witnesses who can testify that no one was pressured or coerced into signing.

An Attorney Will Ensure All Of The Provisions Are Legal

Another benefit of hiring an attorney to draw up a prenuptial agreement is that he or she can ensure all of the provisions in the agreement are legal. When you draw up the agreement yourself, you may unknowingly include provisions that aren't valid.

For example, you can't agree to a lesser amount of child support than you would be obligated to pay by law. You also can't include provisions addressing child custody.

If there are illegal provisions, these provisions may be thrown out, or worse, the entire prenup may be thrown out. An attorney can ensure this doesn't happen.

Let Us Help You Get Started Today

If you are looking to have a premarital agreement drafted in California, give Koblin Family Law Center a call at 925-298-2961 or contact us online. We can help you put together a binding agreement that will protect your assets and your interests.